So im thinking here about life and the where im leading my life and I start thinking about believing before you see it….. SO these are my random thoughts on the subject

For those that say, “I’ll believe it when I see it….!”

So are you telling me you don’t believe in Oxygen? We can’t see Oxygen, yet we STILL believe it’s existence. Seeing is NOT believing, rather BELIEVING is SEEING!

You believe first, and then your vision becomes clear….Is it not true that we see things before us, yet we don’t batter an eyelid, but once it’s brought into our mind and we believe it, we begin to see it…..

A little random even from me I know, but never the less, had to share….So I ask you, this week, from this moment forth, please start to BELIEVE, and then you’re gonna SEE some AMAZING things….

Best wishes for the week

Happy Monday! Happy Labor day! and Happy week!!!